Sunglasses are more than just a fabulous accessory in the summertime. They serve an extremely important role in preserving vision and ensuring your comfort while you’re on the go.

In addition to causing temporary vision loss, the sun’s bright rays can lead to long term eye damage. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can also cause sunburns on the eyes and over time, can lead to diseases such as macular degeneration.

For those who wear prescription eyeglasses, sun protection is available in a number of options including prescription sunglasses, photochromic lenses or eyeglasses with clip-on sunglass lenses. The best solution depends on your personal preferences, comfort and which option fits in best with your lifestyle.

Prescription Sunglasses

These days, sunglasses are not only highly fashionable but remarkably functional for a wide variety of activities. For example, sport and athletic sunglasses provide eye protection, reduce glare and improve contrast so that you are able to performance in a range of outdoor conditions.

Prescription sunglasses are available for virtually all vision prescriptions including farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism, as well as bifocal and progressive lenses. Almost any pair of sunglasses can be fit with prescription lenses as long as the shape of the lens doesn’t distort vision, which happens with extremely wide wraparound lenses. So if you’re looking for the latest pair of designer sunglasses, there should be no problem in fitting a prescription lens to the frame.

You can also get prescription lenses in most lens materials and with most lens coatings, including polarized lenses, which offer glare protection, tinted lenses, anti-scratch coatings, or polycarbonate or Trivex lenses for extra durability.

Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses are another alternative for those who wear prescription eyewear. These lenses darken in response to sunlight - turning your regular prescription eyewear into prescription sunglasses. No matter what shape or style, you can protect your eyes and spruce up your outdoor look and your sports performance with a pair of prescription sunglasses.

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