Contact Lenses

Gamsu & Gaffoor Optometrists aims to provide the very best service to each and every patient. Contact lenses are extremely popular - for both corrective and cosmetic reasons. If you are interested in getting contact lenses, contact our Athlone practice and ewe will schedule a consultation and evaluation to determine which contact lense option suites your lifestyle best.

During your consultation, our experienced optometrist will examine your eyes to determine whether you have any pre-existing conditions which may affect your vision. They will then discuss your options with you, and will find the perfect contact lenses to suit your lifestyle.


Before contact lenses can be prescribed, our optometrists will need to evaluate your eyes and determine the level of correction each eye needs. This is done using a series of lenses to test how well your eyes focus and takes around 20 - 40 minutes.

Corrective Lenses

Once the level of correction is determined, our optometrists will discuss your contact lense options. It’s important that your contact lenses fit you comfortably while you’re wearing them so we’ll take your lifestyle into account when recommending contact lense options, as well as the the thickness of the lense and the duration of wear. Some lenses can only be worn for a day, whereas others can be worn for weeks.

Daily wear lenses
These are temporary lenses, intended for single use. You can wear them once-off, for functions or events, and then dispose of them so you don’t need to worry about storage or cleaning and care.

Extended wear lenses
These lenses are intended for long-term use, so they need to be stored and cleaned properly every day. Due to the lifespan of these lenses, and the amount of time you’ll spend wearing them, they need to be carefully prescribed so feel free to let your Gamsu & Gaffoor optometrist know if you have any concerns or issues with the lenses you have.

Toric lenses
These lenses are specially designed for patients with astigmatism - a condition that occurs when the cornea of the lense is irregularly shaped. These lenses are softer than conventional corrective lenses, so they fit the eye more easily. There are multiple types of toric lenses available so feel free to discuss your unique needs with us so that we can ensure you get lenses that fit you perfectly.

Cosmetic Lenses

Not all corrective lenses are clear - with advancements in the industry, you can now have stunning cosmetic lenses which look natural and fit comfortably. We stock a wide range of colours for both corrective and non-corrective cosmetic lenses so you have the option to change your look at will.

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